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Elaine Byrd – NC LMBT #21001


I often have clients ask how I became interested in this field, and the short answer is: I have experienced firsthand how massage and bodywork can play an integral role in helping the mind, body, and spirit reach a state of calm, thereby allowing natural healing processes to function optimally. 

Shortly after the birth of my second child, I began to experience various health challenges. Long story short, after numerous holistic therapies, detox protocols, and supplements, my health journey led me to booking an appointment with a massage therapist who specialized in craniosacral therapy and fascial release work. After just 2 sessions with her, I experienced such relief from my lingering symptoms that I felt led to make a career change. At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly sure how bodywork had helped so much. However, I soon realized that my nervous system had been functioning for years in a state of stress (or “fight or flight”), which had resulted in significant physical tension throughout my entire body and limited my body’s natural healing abilities. I also learned that since my body was under significant stress, the dietary changes and supplements I took couldn’t solve the whole problem. If the body perceives that it is “unsafe” (under chronic stress), those normal physiological functions such as sleep and digestion won’t function optimally. However, if tension held in the body can be lessened, there is a much greater opportunity for healing to take place. That’s where massage and bodywork come in!

Throughout my education and training, I have had the opportunity to utilize various modalities including lymphatic drainage, craniosacral fascial therapy, myofascial release and trigger point work, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal massage, Thai, acupressure and reflexology. My clients range from newborns to the elderly, and I firmly believe that all ages can benefit from this work. Babies can’t verbally tell us that their bodies feel tight, but they may have trouble with feeding, sleeping, or regular bowel movements. Children, teens and adults may struggle with anxiety, various aches and pains, and sleep (to name a few!). Massage and bodywork have been shown to help in all of these areas. 
Our bodies were designed to heal. Although modern medicine has a tendency to compartmentalize body systems (and symptoms), the reality is that our bodies operate synergistically. Clients often have the goal of working on a specific issue (such as chronic back pain or neck tension) and discover in the process of treating that one issue, that numerous other areas seem to improve (such as sleep or digestion).

So, whether your goal is to “just relax” or to work on a specific concern, I look forward to talking with you about how massage and bodywork may help!

Elaine Byrd
NC LMBT #21001

Education & Certifications

NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist 
License #21001

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)
Certified Member #1462627

The Healing Arts & Massage School – Raleigh, NC
Holistic Massage & Bodywork Therapy, with an internship in sports massage

North Carolina State University
B.S. Business Administration, Human Resource Management

Movement Moments Infant Massage Therapist
Untying the Infant Body training

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, The Gillespie Approach
Foundations Training & Infant-Specific Training

Various webinars and educational courses through Epidemic Answers/Documenting Hope, Midline Revolution and Neel Bulchandani, DC

Additional courses completed in microbiology, biology, anatomy & physiology, food & nutrition science.

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