Sol Massage & Bodywork
Elaine Byrd – NC LMBT #21001

Services & Rates

Pricing for all appointments:
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $140

Each appointment is tailored to the client’s individual needs and may include one or more of the below modalities.

A note about infant & child bodywork:

Bodywork for infants and children typically includes a blend of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) and gentle massage techniques, including intraoral work, if tolerated. The caregiver is present during entire session, and often participates in the work, helping to keep the child engaged and calm. If a break is needed in order for the child to nurse/bottle feed, sit on the caregiver’s lap, change a diaper, or even take a walk around the office- that is perfectly okay! The goal of this work is to reduce tension held in the body, so we like to make sure the child stays in a peaceful state as much as possible.

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

CFT is a gentle modality, safe for all ages, that blends craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and stretching to help to release fascial tension held within the body. Adult clients have found CFT to help with chronic headaches, sleep, neck tension, TMJ pain, dental/orthodontic-associated strain and anxiety (to name a few). Because of the gentle nature of the work, infants, toddlers and children can also benefit. Caregivers have reported better sleep, improved nursing/feeding, less colic/fussiness, improved digestion, and reflux in their children after receiving CFT. CFT is also a common treatment for those preparing for and/or recovering from a frenectomy (tongue or lip tie surgery).

Note: the client is fully clothed during CFT treatment, so it is best to wear clothing that is conducive to movement. Intra-oral massage is included in this session but can be omitted if the client wishes.

To learn more about CFT and conditions it may help, click HERE

A common question from clients is, how many sessions will it take to see results? The answer to this is unique to each client. Although one may feel relief after a single session, it may take more than one session to see significant improvement in their symptoms. It can be helpful to think of the body’s fascial system like the layers of an onion (even though fascia is much more complex than an onion!). When a “layer” of fascial strain is removed, the issue can resolve quickly or there could be further healing that needs to take place. Those with more injuries and/or trauma may require more sessions. Remember- the body is SO intelligent and is designed to heal. The goal of CFT is to lessen fascial strain so that the nervous system can function optimally and allow healing to take place.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a full body massage technique using light pressure that helps to manually move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Benefits of this treatment include improved circulation as well as removal of toxins, cell waste, and excess fluid from the tissues. The slow, rhythmic nature of the massage can also help to calm the nervous system. 

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is designed for expectant mothers and can be done with the client lying on her side (supported by pillows) and/or with a special “prone comfort” bolster, with alcoves for the belly and chest, that allow the client to lie face-down. Modifications will be made depending on the stage of pregnancy to ensure the client’s comfort. 

Other Modalities

Myofascial release, reflexology, facial cupping, gua sha, tuning fork therapy, acupressure, sports massage/stretching, and deep tissue work may be included in a session.